If these sound familiar you’re in the right place:

🌟 You struggle to speak up to providers, co-workers or for yourself

🌟 You crave more confidence

🌟 You know you need to set boundaries but are unsure how to do it

🌟 You love new experiences and want to connect with other nurses

 Meet Lauren, my best friend and our Director of Programs here at Nurses Inspire Nurses. 

She's the ying to my yang β˜―️☯️
and our resident social worker, here to support you as you so graciously give to your patients (and let's be honest everyone else in your life). πŸ’›
Lauren created the Belief Ceremony originally for our LEAP LAND LIVE Mentorship program but we decided to offer it here to our Community because it’s so magical!

How it works:

Most importantly this is an opportunity to step away 

from Your daily life to help you connect with yourself 

and support yourself as a human, outside of all the roles you play.

We can’t wait to connect with you!

What nurses in our community have to say:

frequently asked questions!

Do I have to be a nurse to join?

Nope! We also do programming through a nursing lens, however, we allow non-nurses to join!

When will I receive my Belief Ceremony package in the mail?

The Nurses Inspire Nurses team will ship your package within 3-5 business days of your purchase. All items you receive will be used on the call. You will receive an confirmation email with tracking once it has shipped.

How long is the call?

90 minutes

Will it be recorded?

Yes! We will record the call in case you want to revisit it later in the year. We will email out the recording to all participants within 48 hours after the Belief Ceremony has been held.

How much does it cost?

What do I bring to the call?

We will email all participants 48 hours prior to the call taking place. This email will include detailed instructions on what to bring to the call. This will include bringing your Belief Ceremony package. You do not need to purchase anything else to participate!

Where do I find the Zoom link?

We will email all participants 48 hours prior to the call and give you the exclusive Zoom link. 

Have more questions?

We're here for you! Please email the Nurses Inspire Nurses team at community@nursesinspirenurses.com.