If these sound familiar you’re in the right place:

☀️ You wake up every day feeling behind + Stressed

☀️ You feel your day is out of control before it's even begun

☀️ You can't stop hitting the snooze button 

☀️ You want to make a change but don't know where to start

☀️ You feel tired & burned out

 Meet Lauren, my best friend and our Director of Programs here at Nurses Inspire Nurses. 

She's the ying to my yang ☯️☯️
and our resident social worker, here to support you as you so graciously give to your patients (and let's be honest everyone else in your life). 💛

We're both obsessed with making every day a vibe which starts with our favorite cup of coffee, silk almond milk creamer and a morning pump up to get us going. ⚡

How it works:

The structure of this program, along with the videos and tangible tools make it easy to find and commit to a wake up routine that works for you and your unique schedule.  

By the end of these two weeks you'll feel excited to wake up in the morning, have the tools to take control of your day and know what to do when it doesn't go how you planned... because what day has ever gone like you planned?!😂

What nurses in our community have to say:

frequently asked questions!

Do I have to be a nurse to join?

Nope! We always do programming through a nursing lens, however, we allow non-nurses to join!

How much does it cost?

When is the last day to enroll?

Friday, March 18th at midnight EST

How long is the program?

Two weeks, however, you'll have lifetime access to the program and can revisit the materials any time you like. 

Are there calls to attend?

There are no Zoom calls with this program. All the materials are available in the Rise & Shine Program within the Community App. There is also a private group within the Community App where we will all be connecting. 

When will I receive access to the Program?

You will receive an email with access to the Program and the private Rise & Shine group within our Community App. 

When does Rise & Shine start?

Monday, March 21st

We're here for you! Please email the Nurses Inspire Nurses team at community@nursesinspirenurses.com.