As nurses we’ve had to put our own needs aside for everyone else. 

⚡️Have you shown up to work feeling like you're just another number?

⚡️Have you been existing in an environment that at times feels robotic and 

doesn't allow for emotions and human experience? 

Through the Tell Your Story Campaign we want to remind you that who you are as a human is enough. Your human experiences and your emotions deserve to be acknowledged. 
There is nothing more empowering than speaking your truth. Our boldness allows others to step into their power and do the same.

For Nurses Week, and the proceeding weeks, we will be sharing your stories here on this page, 

across all Nurses Inspire Nurses social channels and in our free Community App.  

We will also be highlighting your stories at Nurse Giveback Night 2022

Submit your story directly to Nurses Inspire Nurses through the link below for a chance to be featured!

If you're looking for a way to implement this on your unit we have just the thing for you!   

If you want to dive deeper with the Tell Your Story Campaign we have these five amazing journal prompts for you! 

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When you wear them we hope you're reminded just how 

powerful your story is!