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10 Ways to Boost Unit Morale

April 11, 2024 2 min read 1 Comment

10 Ways to Boost Unit Morale

At Nurses Inspire Nurses we love to have fun!

It's also no surprise that we love a good theme. Our favorite thing is to bring these two things out with us on the road to celebrate this amazing nursing community!

We wanted to share some ways you can bring that same fun and celebration to your units to help boost morale. We know how difficult it can be to find free ways to do this, so we have a list of 10 unit morale boosters below that are sure to be a hit. The best part, most of them are completely free or won't break the bank.  

 Hang up La Croix's and have everyone enter their submissions to the question below (could vary depending on season or create your own fun question around it) - then have the unit vote or draw a winner!

⚡  A free library on the unit where nurses can bring and take books! Our shop assistant had this started on her unit and it's been a big hit. Also, the best thing is it's free. Simply use a cardboard box, decorate it to feel fun and exciting, and post a sign on it saying free library.

⚡ An Inspiration board! Nurses can post a thank you or kind word to someone on the unit who has been a huge help or really stepped up when they needed it. We all love to be recognized, so this is a great way to make that happen! An added step could be picking a winner every month to receive a $5 gift card or something small to show appreciation. Hint Hint - Nurses Inspire Nurses merch makes great giveaways

⚡ A locker decorating contest (if your unit has them)! You could have them do this around specific holidays or seasons. Could even have them do it around their favorite things from the years they were in high school or some kind of throwback Thursday contest! 

We clearly love a theme 🤩 

Host a 5 Day Self Love Party on your unit!

Spread love & raise the moral on your unit by using our template below. Grab some scissors, fun pens, tape and find a free wall or window to affirm all the lovely people you work with!

⚡ We offer bulk orders on our classic tees. Hundreds of orders have been placed in an effort to boost morale, and it works! You can order in bulk directly on our site with our Classic Tee listings here and here. Simply add 10 or more Classic Tees to your cart and the bulk order discount will be applied at checkout.

Our free Community App is always an amazing resource for ideas and feedback on what has worked for other nurses! 

⚡Our Nursing Bag Bingo resource here!

⚡We have several other unit morale ideas in this resource too!

 What have you done to help boost morale on your unit?! 

Can't wait to hear all your good ideas! 

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April 19, 2022

We just had a contest in our dept. to guess which random fact matched the staff person- All facts were scattered among staff photos on poster and displayed for all to gander. . . . it was a hoot!
Other ideas:
Guess first job
Guess baby photo
Guess childhood photo
Guess anything random! 😅
Winner got a free cup o’ joe coupon hugged by an NIN paper koozie

Bee tee dubs: NIN creative energies & incentives to be our best selves just keep getting better & better. Your efforts are deeply appreciated. Thanks so much Team! Shine on, Cat, Lauren & Crew! Woot! 🥳

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