Why bulk orders?

We've seen so many members of our community purchase merch to support each other. 

Bulk orders exist to give you a way to share the love & inspiration and save some money! 

what items can I place a bulk order for?

We currently offer bulk orders on our Classic Nurses Inspire Nurses Tees, Human First Tee, and our Lavender Smiley Tee.

Please note we require a minimum of 12 tees per design ('design' is the same shirt in the same color; sizes can be mixed).

How much do bulk orders cost?

$23/tee for quantities 12-99 per design

$20/tee for quantities 100+ per design 

Free shipping on all bulk orders (within continental U.S.)

Do you do custom orders?

Yes, if you'd like to add your logo to the shirt we can do that!

Please send us an email at shop@nursesinspirenurses.com to learn more.
Please note all custom orders include a $50 minimum custom order fee, 

as well as, an additional fee starting at $2.50/tee for additional printing locations (i.e. sleeve or back). 

how do i place an order?

To place a bulk order, please email shop@nursesinspirenurses.com with:
Name, organization, shipping address, phone number
And bulk design of choice with a size breakdown (XS-3XL unisex sizing)

do you have a sign-up sheet i can take to my unit?

We gotchu! Save the two images below & print them out to bring to your unit for 
easy to use pricing info and order sign-ups!