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Words from a Tired Nurse

My body knows it needs rest
My heart knows it needs self-care
My mind knows it's ok to laugh

And for all of these things I know, there is so much that I don’t.

Did I do enough for my patient that had to die alone?

How long will this last?

How much more can I handle?

Sometimes it's not the answer we need, but a safe place to ask a question.

You see me standing before you as the nurse you’ve always known. 
And while I may look the same I am forever changed.

my heart is with...

All my patients I couldn’t save

The incredible amount of loss I’ve experienced

My coworkers I've watched break down

The mother who had to hold her sick child alone with no support from her loved ones

The countless families who had to say goodbye over FaceTime

And a million more seemingly small moments that will forever be engrained in my memory.

So when you ask me what I need or how I’m doing, I am unsure how to respond because it is such a loaded question.

what I do know is that the world has gone virtual, but nurses have not.

We have shown up to fight your battles and ours.

And although we are tired, we will continue to show up proudly, for all of us.

But what do can you do for me, you ask?

The question still remains and the answer is still the same: I do not know.
So I will tell you what I do know and that is:

My body says rest... let me sleep in peace
My heart says cry... let me cry without question
My mind says laugh... laugh with me

And still check on me when none of those feel right.

Your brain says you must DO something but I'm asking you to go to your heart and feel with me to help me heal a little piece of mine. 🖤

if you're not a nurse and you're reading this...

We have a few different ways that you can support nurses right now! 

Please join us as we support nurses working on the frontlines of this pandemic through the Inspire A Nurse program. 

Nurses are helpers and healers, and while they get joy and fulfillment from supporting others, they need help too. 

To get involved with the Inspire A Nurse program and send some encouragement to the nurses working tirelessly on the front lines, please visit this page!

2 Responses

Wanda Gold
Wanda Gold

February 17, 2021

I have two granddaughters working as travel nurses and I am so proud of them both. I have others in my family in the medical field. I pray for all of them each day vector safety and for peace & strength to get through each day as they face so many hurting people which affects them more than we can know or understand. Thank you to everyone who works in the medical field in any capacity. You all see more sadness than anyone should have to. My prayers are with you.

Kim Yanello
Kim Yanello

February 10, 2021

To all the bedside staff,………. we see you, we thank you and we are so proud of the work you do!!

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