Coffee Talks

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all in person coffee talks are currently on hold! You can find our schedule of virtual events HERE!

What is a coffee talk?

Coffee talks were created for the Nurses Inspire Nurses Community to be able to come together in a safe space outside of work and find support. They're a place where every nurse can come as they are to have honest and open discussions about nursing and life! This is a great place to decompress and find inspiration among a community of nurses who truly get it.

Who can host a coffee talk?

Each coffee talk is hosted by a nurse who guides discussion and open conversation. Any nurse in any location is welcome to apply to host a coffee talk! You can find the application form here. Once you've applied to host a coffee talk, we will reach back out to you with more information as well as a commitment sheet to sign. We will provide you with discussion materials and help promote the event alongside you!

What's a coffee talk like? 

Check out this video to get an idea of what to expect when attending or hosting a coffee talk! 

When is the next coffee talk?

You can find our full schedule of coffee talks and events HERE.

What should I bring?

All you need is YOU to come to a coffee talk!

If you want to spread a little inspiration to your fellow attendees, take a look at this Coffee Talk Accessory Kit. 

Coffee Talk FAQ's

How do I find a place to host a coffee talk?
We always recommend hosting at a coffee shop you've been to before. Call ahead or ask in person if you can have a small meeting (around 5-10 people). 
If I host do I need to pay for everyone's drinks or rent a space?
No! We encourage everyone to buy their own coffee. Coffee talks are free, we don't charge but we do expect that everyone buys their own coffee or tea.
We also never pay to rent a space. You should be able to set up at any coffee shop that has enough space. 
How many people should I expect for my first one?
We usually say anywhere from 3-10 nurses for your first one. Each area and coffee talk are different but even if only a few people come we consider this a HUGE success! We never focus on the number that attend but the quality of conversation and good vibes always. 
When is the best time to do it?
This totally depends as nurses have varying schedules. We do find it is best to host during the week rather than the weekend.