Digital Resource: A Month of Free Actions to Support You and Your Staff

We have talked to hundreds of nurse leaders over the last four years and one commonality we've found in all these conversations is just how difficult of a position this can be. We know time and resources are often non-existent, so we wanted to create a bundle filled with simple, and free, actions you can take to create massive impact. This bundle is a done for you guide to better support yourself at home, at work and to support your staff. 

This 12 page digital download consists of:

  • Four checklists + 12 different actions you can take to support yourself at home, at work and to support your staff.
  • One checklist per week for a total of four weeks and each checklist includes three different actions you can take for that week. One action will help support you at home, one will support you at work and one action will be to support your staff. 
  • Free note card designs you can print & give to staff
  • Free phone wallpapers you can use & give to staff
  • Two pages of reflection questions

    Please Note: A link to download the resource PDF will be emailed to you after purchase.