Uncover the Reason Why Your Self-Care Probably Isn't Working!

Self-care is a word we hear often these days. Have you ever stopped to ask yourself what self-care means to you? Or why it may not be working for you? Oftentimes we can find ourselves taking self-care actions or doing the thing we think will make us feel better and then wondering why we don’t actually feel better. 

In this resource, we will define self-care, help you uncover why your self-care is probably not working, and take action.

This 8 page digital download consists of:

  • Self-care definitions
  • A place for you to define self-care for yourself
  • 7 journal prompts to reflect on 
  • An applicable & easy to understand green juice example (grab the free resource to see)
  • Personal commitment statement to take one action

    Please Note: A link to download the resource PDF will be emailed to you after purchase.